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DetoxDetoxification means more than eliminating toxins and should be a lifelong process.
We should consider it in many levels: body, mind and soul. We have
toxic waste in our body and we hold to feelings as well. If these are poisonous, we have to just let go! In short, we need to detox physically and emotionally, clean our thought pattern, intentions too.

Each of us is a different entity, we are unique and we may require a different approach and support along this process. Today will be talking about fighting cancer by high efficacy, high safety and low cost methods… let’s talk a little bit about detox and fasting.

One of the main cause of cancer is exposure to toxicity. As per scientists, genetic can play a role but is still a small percent even in breast cancer. It all comes down to cellular health. Chemicals have a powerful physiological effect that destroy the normal cell division in the human body. I am considering them like physical terrorists. If cell division is out of control, that will lead to disease and ultimately to cancer.

Unfortunately we are bombarded with toxic chemicals from everywhere. Our food supply and our environment is invaded by harmful chemicals. We might be eating, drinking, wearing or breathing in cancer causing substances every day. Our daily bread and all wheat products might have glyphosate that, new studies show, can be very dangerous to human cells.

Lifelong Detox

In my opinion, cancer is a lifestyle disease because is thriving on
inflammation. First, you would need to detox the whole body, then you can start the healing process. If you want to live a healthy, long life you would need to eliminate an inflammatory life style, get rid of stress, toxins, parasites and heavy metals.

My understanding is: if you got cancer once, you own it forever. You might be cancer free but only as long as you can manage it! You would need to do some changes in your life in order to eliminate the root-cause of this terrible disease.

In my humble opinion, we can never say: cancer cure. We have to be always en garde!

On the other hand though, we can prevent and treat cancer using a metabolic model.

The good news is, we can help reduce inflammation, stop spreading, even reversing cancer by nutrition, controlling glucose levels, detox and eliminating carcinogens, reduce oxidative stress or cortisol levels (stress hormone). We can exercise, get sunshine, manage stress and clean our body and soul from harmful garbage. As long as we are combining all together, we might be able to fight it and keep it dormant.

Do you remember your childhood- when your mom used to do the laundry every Monday? or the big spring and fall cleaning? Like, in your neighborhood the garbage-day is always on Thursday? I think, the same way, we should have an appointed time to clean our bodies regularly.

The one-day routine

This is what I do. One day per week I do all that is in my power to clean my body and mind.

The night before the big day, just before bedtime I take my Oxy-powder capsules- the  best oxygen based intestinal cleanser on the market.

It is well-known that our digestive tract has hard compacted stuff on its walls. It has been accumulated all those years when we did not care. Although fasting will help tremendously, it cannot remove everything.

The reactive oxygen that is in the Oxi-powder works during the night to break down this hard compacted deposit of waste. Reactive oxygen species are molecules containing Oxygen with a negative charge. As I understand, it is something that is going to bond to something or kill something that is bad, that has a positive charge. Most toxins have positive charges. That’s how during the night the oxy-powder will melt away all that build-up in the intestines and colon. In the morning it will be flushed out. Usually, if time and place permit, I do a water-only fast during the following day; or have a healthy whole food, low-calorie diet. In the meantime, I fill my mind and my soul with prayer and meditation, maybe I take a long walk. I read a lot and I am focusing on joy and thanksgiving for all the blessings I’ve been offered. I focus on cleaning not just my body but mostly my mind and my spirit of dangerous stress and harmful idols.

The peroxide bath

Just before bed-time I take a hot bath with 35% food grade H2O2 as part of an external
bio-oxidative therapy. I have to emphasize, this is not to be taken internally unless you talk to your doctor! I use it strictly for bathing. Skin is the largest organ to be detoxified as it is permanently in contact with pollution and peroxide will help heal any damaged tissue. Researchers at Ohio
State University found that wounded tissue will convert oxygen into reactive oxygen species to encourage healing.

The technique is very simple: I carefully pour about 240 ml food grade 35% peroxide into a full bath of water. Then you soak in this warm water for 30 – 45 minutes per bath. You can add essential oils or Dead sea minerals, enjoy good music or listen to some soul-healing teachings from the Bible.

Detox while sleep

It’s not over yet… After the bath, I end the day with my overnight heavy metal detox. This is another wonderful product. I am certain, you will like it too: the amazing Detox Foot Pads. You can detox while you sleep! Just apply the pads to the area of the foot – the chart with reflex points is included- you wish to detoxify of harmful chemicals, toxins and toxic metals. It is absolutely amazing and it works perfectly. In the morning you’ll witness how efficient this is. When you discard the pads you realize how the toxins were eliminated… there are turned to black!

Rethink your life

Detox means taking responsibility for your health. Stop eating, drinking cancer and start rethinking your whole life!

Most of us aren’t ready to go this far. Maybe chemo or surgery is enough for you. But what kind of life you want to live?

You can choose to take care of yourself, detox the whole body and start healing by changing your lifestyle and go on a healing journey. The cures of cancer already exist, they are all around you and within you. Just have to have the wisdom to recognize it and have the courage to start pursuing those things. Don’t give up, my dear friend! Our Creator gave us such an amazing body that it can heal from almost everything. But you have to have the right lifestyle habits, nutrients and supplements in order to make that a reality.

On the other hand: If your soul is crushed the body has less power to heal itself. Heal your soul first my dear friend, find the point in your heart that will help you see everything in a different light… then you’ll have the power to make the good choices!

May our Creator heal your soul and give you strength and hope!

Modah Ani


Todd P Matthews

I’ve always felt when one detoxes, they always focus on what’s going on inside their body and tend to neglect the skin and sleeping portions of a detox. I also like how you’ve mentioned to schedule a day and time for detox and since we do this each day on garbage day, why not do the same for our bodies?

Mar 06.2019 | 05:03 pm

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