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havingSince my battle with cancer, I often ask myself: Can lifestyle choices increase your risk of developing cancer?

My definite answer is YES. At the top of the list is your DIET. Because your food choices could determine whether you live in health or die in illness.

Everybody is aware of many conflicting reports out there about cancer or cancer prevention.

At first, I was forced to do research on cancer, but somewhere along the way, I became passionate about learning more and more about health.

My target today is to make you understand why sugar is so bad for your health, recommend you to stop feeding your cancer and prevent you from doing painful mistakes that can cost you even your life.
So if you’re concerned about cancer prevention or struggling with devastating cancer, take comfort in the fact that some simple lifestyle changes such as eating healthy can make a big difference. In my opinion, the biggest step toward healing is stop eating refined sugar and carbohydrates because sugar feeds cancer! As soon as you STOP eating it, the opposite happens: Cancer cells STARVE to death – and die out by the thousands. Again, your cancer cells will starve to death!!

So, is sugar good or bad?Is sugar good or bad?

Nutrition is by far the most critical aspect of cancer prevention. As we all know, food is the literal FUEL that our body needs to repair and maintain cells, build immunity or produce energy.

Sugar is the generic name for sweet-taste soluble carbohydrates that are used in prepared or processed foods to give energy to the body.
Sugars can be found in the tissues of most plants or fruits and are present in sugarcane or sugar beet, even in milk and diary (lactose).

The most common form of sugar is called glucose.

The body breaks down all sugars and starches to glucose. It is well-known, our brain requires around 130g of glucose each day to cover basic energy needs. To solve this dilemma without sugar consider the Keto diet.

So, why is so much talk about sugar? if we need it for energy- how come that sugar is bad for our health?
I did not know the answer… Until two of my dear friends, Liudmil and Dobrena opened my eyes by handing me some precious, life-saving info and The Truth about cancer documentary series…

That is how I learned that sugar feeds the growth of cancer. Until then, I was an ignorant as most of us from the western culture… please try to learn from my mistake and retain the most important information that is: avoiding sugar can keep your cancer dormant, moreover you might reverse it.

Why sugar is so bad

First of all, sugar is addictive… Also, is cheap. It has been the most used additive in almost every processed food in the grocery store. In case you try to do your best by using organic, less processed… don’t be fooled. It has the same negative impact on your body. Organic or not, sugar is dangerous for cancer!
As I mentioned just earlier, we expect that sugar will provide energy for our body. But it happens that refined sugars and high glycemic index carbs contain none of the so necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals or omega-3 fatty acids needed to keep our bodies functioning. Moreover, they fuel cancer.
Interestingly, I’ve learned that healthy cells and cancer cells metabolize glucose so differently.

A biologic mechanism in yeast cells may explain the relationship between sugar and malignant tumors, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications, as seen also on CNN news  in 2017.
Scientists understand that cancer cells support their rapid reproduction by rewiring their metabolisms to take glucose, ferment it and produce lactate.
When we eat sugar or foods with high glycemic index (ex. white flour), blood levels of glucose rise rapidly. Carbs turn to glucose right away. Then, our body releases immediately insulin to make possible the glucose to enter cells. This is accompanied by the release of the molecule called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). In other words, healthy cells continue with normal respiration, a process in which they take glucose and break it down into carbon dioxide and water. But, there is something different with the cancer cells. They have 8 times the numbers of receptors of insulin-like growth factor(IGF-1) than do healthy cells. Scientists so rightly observed: sugar nourishes them and makes them grow faster… we could say: cancer cells utilize sugar as their primary fuel. Also, IGF-1 has an estrogen-like action, becoming very dangerous in hormone responsive-cancers such as breast cancer. Furthermore, IGF-1 promotes the factors of inflammation and promotes the formation of blood vessels in tumors helping to spread the cancer. That is how Sugar is called a fertilizer for tumors.Fertilizer for tumors

Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, researching cancer tumors emphasized:

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But,

even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few

words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration

of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

Stop feeding your cancer

Are you literally FEEDING cancer cells by putting this one food- THE SUGAR- on your dinner plate?

Please stop eating this food right away or you could be growing cancer cells.

I must tell you again: As soon as you STOP eating it, the opposite happens: Cancer cells STARVE to death – they stop growing and die out by the thousands. It can even help shrink the tumor.
Unfortunately sugar is everywhere. Sadly enough, it’s a staple food in the North American diet and it is hiding in every processed food. You have to be very careful. You’ll need to check the labels, be aware that some carbohydrates have high glycemic index and same as refined sugars will cause high glucose level.
Very Important: Please be aware that limiting net carbs (Net carbs: Total carbs minus Fiber) is crucial!

Why avoid sugar or main reasons to stop eating sugar

Turning down carbs, avoiding all sugars is a life-saving step in your fight with cancer.
Sugar feeds cancer cells, this is a fact! You want to keep cancer at bay, avoid sugar by all means. This is not a scam or false advertise. My dear friends, I am not lying. What better proof than the PET scan? This common test used to detect cancer simply checks the areas in you body that consume more glucose. I know… It is frightening, right?
If you are still healthy, praise G-d, be smart and thankful! Avoid sugar by all means and you’ll be healthy longer.
But, if you are fighting cancer, YOU SHOULD STOP EATING SUGAR TODAY!why avoid sugar
Among the Top Reasons to avoid sugar:

  • Is the primary dietary cause of obesity- Fat does not make you fat, but sugar can turn into fat and make you fat!
  • Causes inflammation that provokes 98% of disease
  • Leads to heart disease- elevated inflammation increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks
  • Sugar can be the primary reason for high cholesterol. Don’t forget, the cholesterol is not the culprit for the heart disease, sugar is. Moreover, our body need cholesterol to function. The brain is literally constructed of cholesterol and many of our major hormones in the body comes from cholesterol.
  • Causes hormonal and metabolic imbalance
  • Excess sugar can lead to diabetes
  • Refined sugar increase the acidity of the body- we know, all disease thrive in acidic environment
  • it is addictive- making food tasty you’ll crave for more… the more you eat, the more you need and implicitly more harm to your health
  • Promotes cancer- it is like gas on fire for cancerous cells.

The Safest sugar alternatives

The scientific research, as well as my personal experience, all point to one direction:

If you want to protect yourself from disease or want to keep the cancer at bay you should avoid SUGAR and high glycemic carbs at any cost. This means, no sugar in coffee and less or none conventional deserts. But, you can still use natural substitutes for sugar that will not rise your glucose level, such as: agave nectar, stevia (a Pacific plant), Xylitol.Safest sugar alternative

As for me, I like to indulge myself with dark chocolate (having more than  70% cocoa content- sweetened with stevia whenever is possible)

My dear friends,

The purpose of this post is to educate and open your eyes to avoid common dangers.

You cannot afford to be ignorant! And, we don’t have the luxury of time!
I am fully aware that some information written here is not widely accepted and many will criticize it. But I am confident, somewhere in the near future we all be vindicated when metabolic therapy will be accepted and it will be the standard of care.

I believe in free will. As you know, G-d gave us two paths to choose from: the truth that

comes with abundant blessings and the path of lies that bring us curse.

Simply put: there are only two paths in life: right and wrong; leading you to life or death. Do you realize, how important is to choose the right path?

Bottom line, do you want to change, do you have the strength to turn to the truth? and enjoy life again?

I have to admit, it is not easy.
Learning to change comes oftentimes with sacrifice and changing of mentalities. Every person is unique and every situation is different. What matters above all is nourishing the desire to live. From my experience, every small step in that direction makes the following one easier.

Do this small step today, you’ll be grateful tomorrow.

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Hey Modah,

I have always believed that our environment effects are risk of cancer. I also believe that it’s also hereditary, too.

Sugar has always been something I have avoided for many years now. Not only is it bad for you it causes a lot of mood swings, diabetes, etc.

However, I am trying to get my girlfriend to stop consuming so much sugar. Are there any tips you can think of to help someone ease off it?

May 16.2018 | 05:30 am

Modah Ani

Hi Garen,
I understand your frustration, we were struggling with the same problem in our family. You should read the labels, look for hidden sugars, pesticides, additives. Quit counting calories and start counting chemicals! Don’t forget, carbohydrates turn to glucose as soon as they are swallowed. Check always the NET Carbs on the label, meaning: carbs minus fibers. Avoid dairy! We, humans lack the enzyme to digest lactose- the dairy sugar, after puberty. So, go with unsweetened almond or coconut milk that can be used in many recipes as well. When you start to eliminate sugar from your diet, it is natural to experience a withdrawal period of 10-14 days.Don’t give up! You may use natural sweeteners, which do not elevate the blood glucose level . The good ones are: Stevia and Xylitol. Honey, maple syrup or agave nectar are far less processed than white sugar, come from natural sources and can be organic but are sugar at molecular level and will cause a rise in blood sugar.Manuka Honey is the best with a lot of health benefits. When I take it I use it as a Trojan horse. It is well known that the cancer cells feed on sugar, they will absorb it immediately. So, after or together with the honey I take a cancer killing supplement right away, for example Curcumin or drink a soursop tea.
For my family I have desert recipes with avocado and dark chocolate, they would not die for it -at the beginning- but now we are all accustomed and healthier.
Avoid aspartame- produce brain tumors, birth defects. When stored in warm areas for long time turn to formaldehyde- a well known carcinogen. That is why, diet coke is more dangerous than the regular one.
Hope this helps.
Let me know if there is more I can do
In the meantime,
stay healthy and be happy

May 16.2018 | 01:55 pm

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