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Pesticides are used to control organisms that are considered to be harmful. There are certain benefits to it: for example killing mosquitoes that can spread disease.
On one hand, pesticides can protect crops and animals; sometimes are used to prevent sickness in humans too.

On the other hand though, most pesticides work by poisoning pests.

More so, pesticides may cause acute and delayed health effects in animals and people who are exposed.

As an example, I heard in the News that a common herbicide, Atrazine in water turns male frogs into female. Unfortunately, Atrazine is a common pesticide found in the drinking water as well.
The food additives, contaminants and preservatives to make food taste better or to prolong their shelf life can harm your digestive system, too.

When these chemicals enter in our system they can create an imbalance, a metabolic dysfunction that will lead to poor health and sickness.
Every disease, cancer included, has a cause. In classical physics, as we learned at young age, an effect can’t occur before its cause. Same with cancer. Remove the cause and you’ll eliminate the effect!

Key question now: what is the cause of cancer? After a lot of reading, researching facts and data I came to the conclusion that there are three major situations that lead to cancer:

  • toxic exposure (including chemical/heavy-metal/fungi)
  • stress or emotional factor
  • lack of nutrition.

The exposure to toxic chemicals is everywhere. Heavy metals and synthetic byproducts invade our food supply, our medicines, the environment. Even our personal care products are loaded with harsh chemicals.
There are “safe” standards by governments and usually pesticides and preservatives are highly regulated.

Unfortunately, there are still many ignored hazards of top pesticides.

First and foremost we need to look into how to avoid pesticides in our food.

These substances are meant to control pests, including weeds. The most common of these are herbicides which account for approximately 80% of all pesticide use.

Pesticides and cancer

You had the heartbroken news about your disease, but thank G-d, you are determined to fight it… asking yourself, should I start juicing or eating organic?

Ideally, everyone should eat 100% organic whole-food food and pesticides
But, what is organic after all? In my opinion organic food has to be done the old-fashion way, like our forefathers used to do it, without pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic additives, no refrigeration, no irradiation whatsoever.

The question is, what can be done if we cannot afford to buy everything organic? At that point I had to look into it more seriously… and I learned that pesticide exposure is higher in animal protein compared to vegetables. That’s because the pesticide accumulates in the fatty tissue of the animal. With the vegetables we might wash away or we can peel off the pesticides (at least, some of it).

Thus, I came to the conclusion, if we decide to incorporate meat in our diet, we should start with purchasing only organic, grass fed animal products. As I mentioned, the pesticides are in the fat of the animal protein.

Clean fifteen dirty dozen list

Diving more deeply in that problem of organic food or pesticides and cancer, I discovered a great source of information: The Environmental Working Group in Washington DC. They are dedicated to protect human health and environment by doing a lot of research and analysis for us.

Dirty dozen list for 2018 or Top foods you should buy organicDirty dozen 2018 list

EWG analyze every year thousands produce samples. So, their list changes every year.

The dirty dozen list this year contains 12, otherwise so-called healthy foods, that are tested positive for pesticides and/or pesticide residues.

At first glance, all of these seems to be very healthy foods but EWG found poisonous toxins in them. The worst of all is strawberry. As we know, strawberries in general, are very healthy with powerful antioxidant properties. But, you need to buy them organic. You think you help heal yourself by eating strawberry… think again… you just poisoned yourself with 20 different pesticides. My dear friend, listen to me. If you want to live, don’t put poison on your plate!

Same with the spinach and celery or grapes and apples… you should want them only organic in your morning shake.

Other products that are not on the toxic list from the Environmental Working Group, but are heavily sprayed, include coffee and tea. If you drink coffee and/or tea, buying it organic is better for you, the growers, and for the environment.

Thus, these 12 products, you should buy organic, whenever is possible.

The clean fifteen list for 2018

On the other hand, if you are concerned that buying organic food is going to bust your budget, then buy foods from the Environmental Working Group’s “Clean 15”, as these foods are the least likely to have been sprayed with pesticides.

This year, the list of produce least likely to contain pesticide residues included:The Clean-15 2018 list

Relatively few pesticides were detected on these foods, and tests found low total concentrations of pesticide. No need to buy organic!

I would also include in that safe list the watermelon because of the thick outer skin which we remove before consuming
*The list include sweet corn but you should be careful with corn!

Keep in mind: organic does not mean is absolutely pesticide free. The soil need to be pure and I don’t really know if you can achieve this only by not adding pesticides in the last three years. The soil needs his healing time as well! Furthermore, the air and rain can be full of pollution.

* I think you should be paying special attention to corn because even though it may not be sprayed with pesticides, there can be some GMO (genetically modified) corn that can produce its own pesticides internally. So even though it isn’t sprayed, it could potentially be harmful. I would only recommend non-GMO corn, differing from the Environmental Working Group’s recommendations.
That’s why periodically you will need to detoxify yourself to eliminate those harmful heavy metals or chemicals from your body. But, we’ll talk about DETOX more deeply in another post.

With fruits and vegetables, you can wash away some, but not all the pesticides. Here is what I do with produce in my kitchen after shopping.

First, I fill the sink with water and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (Soak the produce there for at least 5 min) or you can use a dash of baking soda instead of ACV (in this case leave them for 15min). Then I wash well all the organic produce (you can use a brush) and then rinse with abundant water and set aside. Lastly, I put the washed produce in the refrigerator or in a basket on the kitchen counter (such as tomatoes). Same with the non-organic produce.

I recently learned that most pesticides are not stable in very alkali conditions, and baking soda has a very high PH, right?
As per food scientists at University of Massachusetts Amherst, the baking soda procedure can wash away 80% of certain pesticides, sometimes even 95.6 per cent, simply by soaking them in  baking soda solution for 12 and respectively 15 minutes.

Be aware though, some pesticide pass beyond the surface, and none of this washing methods could fully remove the residue, though.

Obviously these methods are not working with meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Remember, the pesticides are in the fat of the animal protein—you can’t just wash them away.

If it is too hard to be a vegetarian and you decide to eat meat, your meat should be the cleanest organic, non GMO product!
In case you cannot afford organic- you should buy lean instead. Remember: most of the pesticides are in the fat. Non-fat dairy means far fewer pesticides, leaner cuts of meat and poultry have less, as well.

Pesticides Risk Human Health

If, thank G-d you are still healthy, or you are after chemo or battling cancer, please do yourself a favor and Stop eating cancer causing foods, your body will appreciate it.

You don’t have to break the bank to eat healthy food. But you do need
to rethink your whole life and pay attention to the food you buy.

I hope these tips will help you and your family to stop poisoning yourself with your own food.

I wish you the best of health!

Stay Healthy and Happy!

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Lee Ann

Thank you for so much information. I have actually been trying to learn more about organic food and pesticides.
It started because I wanted to see if there was a safe product to use on our apple tree to keep the bugs from it. Well that lead to other things as well because I don’t want to use anything harmful because not only do we eat the apples, there are deer that love eating them toward fall. We also live by a creek. I read that pesticides can wash down into it and then this could cause a hazard to all living in it.
After reading this, I believe I will be even more picky with our fruits and vegetables now. Our family loves to eat them, but I would also like for us to all stay alive so that we continue to enjoy eating them.
I am really happy I came across this. I found everything I needed to know tight here.

May 18.2018 | 04:36 pm

    Modah Ani

    Thank you for stopping by.
    If you want to stay healthy longer you would need to rethink everything in your life.
    Please start now, until is not too late, my dear friend.
    In the morning, before heading to work, right in your bathroom could be tens if not hundreds of chemicals in your personal care products.
    The laundry detergent is full of toxic chemicals… imagine those on your skin.
    There are some herbicides containing carcinogenic chemicals. These are very dangerous as they are hormone disrupt-ors.
    All those chemicals,food additives, preservatives have a powerful physiological effect that destroy the normal cell division… and we wonder why we got sick.
    Pesticides loaded with heavy-metals are like terrorists killing your healthy cells.
    Lee Ann, stay close as I work on another interesting issue: how to detox yourself from those chemicals in a very efficient way.
    In the meantime stay healthy and be happy!
    modah ani

    May 18.2018 | 05:09 pm


Very useful and informative post,
I always wondered what caused cancer, I assumed that it was just fast food and sugary snacks but turns out fruit and vegetables can cause it too if it’s not organic.
Thanks for this!

May 18.2018 | 06:12 pm

    Modah Ani

    Thank you for your input.
    Not all fruits and veggies, but some of them can harm your health if not pesticides-free.
    That is why I added the dirty dozen/clean 15 list
    I cannot emphasize enough: the threat is everywhere.
    The toxic chemicals invade our food supply, environment, personal care products. In water or air, there are everywhere,causing inflammation- an underlying cause of cancer.
    Pay close attention to what is in your beauty products- if it is too difficult to pronounce, there is a big chance is harmful to your body.
    Wishing you all the best,
    modah ani

    May 18.2018 | 06:29 pm

Owassa McDaniel

Hello thanks for this article , it was very informative. As you already know this kind of information they don’t air too much and if so it only get a little air space. I would say for the last 10 years it was my goal to purchase more organic food for the family, but at this time its just out of my budget to do so. Just like many of us I have become a major consumer of the super walmarts to get my foods. But whats been weird that my fruits have been larger. Again thanks for this article and after reading your content I plan to do better with purchasing healthier foods.

May 23.2018 | 04:48 pm

    Modah Ani

    Buying organic is a huge struggle for me as well. I would strongly suggest to wash your veggies in ACV water or with baking soda.
    Also, I would strongly advise everybody to do periodically a whole body detox- especially in the spring and fall. Fasting is another way of healing and prevention.
    You can consider water only fast(24 hrs) or intermittent water fasting for 12-14 hours/day.
    Please, be my experience as a wake-up call for you! Start carrying for yourself right away! If not you, who else?
    If you get sick, G-d forbid, it will be much harder.
    Stay healthy my dear friend and be happy!

    Jun 04.2018 | 05:53 pm

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