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Our Creator is so wonderful! Sometimes I just stay in awe realizing how much He  loves us.

Dr. Group affirms that just one meal per day can take away 70-80% of the energy necessary for 72 hours from us to be used for digestion. It is called energy expenditure. Imagine, we eat 5 meals per day. The western culture is all about to eat more and more… Our mind tells us: we are going to die if we don’t eat every 2-3 hours. Furthermore, we eat man-made, highly processed, chemical based, genetically modified, refrigerated, microwaved food. Food that stays in our body for days causing constipation. Defecation, urination, sweating is blocked up… bottom line, we are an overfed but undernourished society, we can’t “survive” more than 2-3 hours without food, becoming so energy inefficient.

My dear friends, it is scientifically proven, one 9 days therapeutic water-fast or 9 hardcore water-fasts per year will reduce your cancer rate by 99%. That is how effective and how fast the body heals itself! Amazing, right?

You can reactivate your own self-healing mechanism! My friend, G-d gave us the ability to heal ourselves, prevent stress and degenerative illness. Just put a little of time and effort into your own body. Fasting is a simple solution of reactivating the ability of our self-healing mechanism.

Normally, most people just give their body toxins and stress all day long. When fasting- this is the time to give back something good to your body, time to take a break from the so energy consuming digestion. Our body too, needs once in a while a “long weekend”. To take the energy away from digestion, focus it to heal yourself! It shall  not be exclusively for the body but for the spirit as well. You’ll become more aware and confident. You’ll start to think: I am clean and healthy! Believe me, after your first fasting you will see the food with completely different eyes. Not only that, your spiritual channels will be unclogged  as well. Your understanding  will be deeper and not so blurry.

But be well understood, I am not talking about starvation, which is lack of food.

Fasting is a mindful decision for yourself, it is by choice. Do it with prayer and meditation… and this will be your greatest healing strategy. You’ll find out how powerful your body can be. You can accomplish so much through detox and cleansing of the body and soul!

Fasting and stem cells

Dr. Group affirms that after 3 days of water-fast your body start to create new pure stem cells.

It is so important to know: you cannot put anything in your mouth. No salt, no lemon nor tea.

You cannot put anything that is not naturally found in water! Distilled water is beneficial though. I must emphasize again, you can have only water! At the first sign of anything resembling food, your body start to prepare itself for digestion and we don’t want that. We need that energy to repair any abnormal cells we might have. The ideal water fast – even if it sounds extreme- is 18 days. Remember, 18 is the source of life in the Bible and water is this wonderful gift from God that gives us LIFE. Isn’t this amazing?

Have you ever heard about phantom cell knowledge?…you know, like the limbs lost in an accident but still very painful?
Even though that the cell has gone through so many times when it has been replicated and it’s gotten worse for so many years… there is still the memory of what that cell felt like when it was born. By fasting, we can get closer to that state. I think, it  might be a very good anti-aging strategy too. Imagine, a 40-50 years old body with the physiology of an adolescent.

The best news: fasting is almost free, everybody can afford it. You’ll need just the water. Think about saving the money by not buying food, too.

Furthermore, this is G-d’s original advice. It is like breaking down the Bible science.


We need to eat to survive but eating create toxins and this is a burden for our body.

Fasting is the most amazing Biblical medicine. But you need to do it right.

For more tips see:  Autophagy and fasting tips


Tom Priesmeyer

Very interesting information on fasting. I was not aware that by fasting that one could reduce their risk of cancer by 99%. Seems almost too good to be true. It does make sense though, that if we take the burden of digestion from the body, that we can realize cellular repair. I also like how you use Biblical references to support your findings. I am intrigued now about this water fast, and I may have to attempt it. Thank you for sharing this important information. Tom

Mar 06.2019 | 07:09 pm

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