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How to fight cancerThis is not about a Mexican or European wonder-clinic that saved my life or where I healed my cancer.

And I am not an “X” years cancer survivor. Not yet, anyway… Maybe one day we’ll get there together.

I am still fighting cancer and  afraid of every little strange sign in/on my body or mind. Struggling every day to get to the next one alive.
More like you, I don’t have the financial resources and I could not afford to be treated in one of those fancy clinics. Although, I am sure, they can be helpful in  your battle with this illness.
But, I am not a quitter ( I know, you are not a quitter too!) and I was looking to  increase my chances of surviving Stage IV melanoma in a more affordable, average people-friendly way. I was determined to find the best natural cancer cures!


I have to smile…In the modern age this concept of immunotherapy is so new, that it still pops up as a spelling mistake…

I have spent quite a lot of time and money, as I read a ton of books, to understand what is cancer after all and I learned that there are many paths to cancer cures. In fact, cancer is a metabolic dysfunction which is no longer controlled by the body’s immune system.There are many effective cancer treatments for different types of cancer out there to choose from. In my opinion, the best way to fight effectively is to combine them. The more the better. One thing they have in common though: they try to help the cancer elimination job that our immune system was not able to detect and fight with.

Until recently we had three major forms of treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery.
To be honest, these are very traumatic approaches leaving you with harsh side-effects. It is well-known that chemo kills the healthy cells along with the cancerous ones. For terminally ill people it makes “no difference” at all-if you disregard the constant struggle and pain that destroys the precious months they have left with their loved ones.

We can be considered blessed that very recently there is a new treatment option called Immunotherapy.

Unlike chemo, this treatment relies on your own body doing the work, to boost your immune system that he can kill the cancer cells before they kill you.

Just for you to know, this is not a brand new idea. Primitive forms of Immunotherapy are known back in ancient Egypt; some 5,000 years ago.

Today, if you are lucky you can get this treatment in the hospital. You may have immunotherapy in different ways. As of me, I got it by needle into a vein(intravenously). Thanks to my oncologist I was given the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial. It became problematic, though, when I had so harsh side effects that I could not continue the treatment.

I am a fighter and I had to do something to increase my chances of survival. As you know melanoma is a deadly, very aggressive type of skin cancer. Surviving melanoma is not very promising. When it has been spread already to the brain and lymph nodes, looked like a death sentence… So, I focused all my efforts into staying alive. And man, we have to admit it: every day is a gift from G-d! Life is so precious! You have to live it fully, to the glory and praise of our Creator.

Understanding Immunotherapy

Our immune system has the ability to fight any disease and cancer for that matter by producing disease fighting cells, which are called Natural Killer (NK) cells. Imagine they are the elite SWAT team of your health-defense army and they are targeting ‘terrorists’ hiding in your own body. Immunotherapy boosts the immune system or helps the immune system to find cancer and attack it.

There is a big challenge, though. Cancer cells are producing a protein on their outer membrane called PD-L1 and have the ability to hide themselves to look like healthy cells. Thus, our NK cells cannot recognize them as malignant invaders and they can spread like a fire. By the way, if you have cancer don’t eat sugar! Sugar is like gasoline on this fire.

First, by immunotherapy this disguise is ripped off and now the NK cells recognize the threat and destroy the deadly invader leaving the healthy cells untouched.

Bottom line, Immunotherapy is used to:

    • stop or slow the growth of cancer
    • stop cancer from spreading to other parts of the body
    • help the immune system work better to destroy cancer cells
    • deliver toxins, such as radiation or chemotherapy, directly to cancer cells

There are a number of ways to activate these NK cells: certain drugs, vaccines. Some scientists are even working on ways to re-engineer cells in your body. But researchers are yet studying in clinical trials how to fine tune the immune system just enough so that can fight tumors, but not so much that it attacks your own healthy tissue.

100 percent natural immunotherapy

To activate these Natural Killer cells by drugs or vaccines you might pay a high price because of the life threatening side effects. As of me, my liver almost failed and I had my the second brain surgery .
I have Good news though! There is another way to activate your body’s disease-fighting army.

Even better: it’s 100 percent Natural.

When your diagnose is the deadliest one or struggling with chemo, when you think of the worst… just stop. Take a big breath and Have HOPE and strengthen yourself. You now have a way to triple your chance of survival!

You can fight your cancer with my Secret weapon #1: a natural mushroom extract that can improve your health or better yet, it can heal you! You can use it in conjunction with your standard treatment, too! The awesome thing is that now you can enjoy it even in the so called mushroom-coffee

Mushrooms that fight cancer

Until recently, the only way to get access to this powerful immune booster was to live in Japan. The powerful extract people in Japan used for life threatening illnesses, tumors, as well as to help them stay healthy as long as possible is called AHCC (Activated hexose correlate compound). Now, thank G-d, this nutrition-based method to boost the immune health is available to consumers all over North America.

There are three potent medicinal mushroom extracts known for their immune boosting capabilities in Japan. But, when combined into one single hybrid mushroom the resulting active ingredient is tripled in potency. Research now established AHCC is one of the world’s most powerful- AND SAFE– immune stimulators.

ImmPower for cancer and Cancer prevention

After years of use in Japan, AHCC is available in the US today in a product called ImmPower. It can be taken in preventive or therapeutic doses and should be discussed with your medical doctor.

For those with cancer or with life threatening conditions, the research indicates a therapeutic dose of two capsules in the morning, two at mid-day and again two before bed; for at least three weeks. Then, can be reduced to one in the morning and one in the night- for maintenance.

I strongly recommend you to take it even if you are a healthy person. ImmPower is the best way to stay healthy longer and might help you through tough situations when even antibiotics are not working.

Fight cancer using the  Best natural cancer cure-My secret weapon #1- ImmPower

The massive advantage over chemo and radiation is that immunotherapy- ImmPower for that matter- is not burning or poisoning everything in their path (even the so precious healthy cells)- by not knowing the difference between healthy and cancerous ones.
Don’t forget, the elite SWAT team of our NK cells destroys the cancer without touching healthy cells.

We are in the same boat, brothers and sisters. Going thru the same ordeal. But honestly, my quality of life drastically improved since I take this mushrooms extract. I remember, two weeks after my second brain surgery, I was waiting to see my surgeon for a follow up visit… when I saw a friendly face. I recognized him because we had the same type of surgery on exactly the same day… The difference: I showed no signs of trauma while he needed his wife’s help. He was still in a wheelchair! I praise the Lord every day for He opened my eyes to find the way to heal spiritually and physically.
My honest and humble opinion, as a patient, is that the most effective approach is to combine alternative and conventional treatments to fight cancer better.
In conjunction with standard treatment ImmPower will increase drastically your chance of survival, your ability to overcome chemo, improving the quality of life even in the deadliest cancers.
If I can help to improve the life of one person, my mission is accomplished.

My deBest natural cancer curesar friends, stay alive and be healthy!

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe!

Modah Ani


Owassa McDaniel

Thanks for the content your information was very informative…… this let me know that there are other options in the market that will help cure cancer. With this options available i believe will help support the fight agains this deadly disease. Also you mentioned something about removing sugar from my diet, instead of doing that what benefical foods can I add to my diet that will stop or slow down the spread of cancer?

Jun 03.2018 | 02:00 pm

    Modah Ani

    The prevention of any disease is priceless! Removing sugar is one of the first steps you would need to consider in order to remain healthy longer.
    There are healthy options for sugar substitutes, like stevia or Xylitol.
    A whole food diet, periodic detox, and fasting can keep you healthy also.
    Consider eating garlic, ginger. Incorporate turmeric(curcumin) and mushrooms in your diet. Healthy fruits are the berries, soursop, grapefruit.
    Vitamin D is another powerful way to prevention. It is considered the anti-cancer vitamin! You might want to consider Liposomal Vitamin C- very powerful too.
    Last but not least: stay away from emotional stress!
    Wishing you the best of health

    Jun 04.2018 | 05:39 pm

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