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Nutrition is by far the most powerful way to stay healthy and strong. It is also a critical aspect of disease fighting and cancer prevention too.

In that aspect, I think Vitamix E310 is the best quality for your money and health.

The easiest way to JUICE

When I first was diagnosed with cancer I was terrified but I knew I did something wrong that needs to be rectified. I am a believer of the Cause- Effect law; or measure for measure, so to say.

I thank my Creator that He opened my eyes to understand the importance of eating the right way. Although the hard way, but I finally learned that nutrition can improve the outcome of any cancer treatment. Also, it can help you stay healthy longer. So, my first step toward healing was finding the right juicer.

My first one was a real Breville Juice Fountain Plus which is not too bad but somehow the pulp remains unblended. And also the cleaning (for a sick person) was not very easy.

That is why I am always looking for something better…

Breville- the Juice Fountain Plus

This is my first juicer. It is a great product if you are in good strength and you are patient to juice over and over the leftover pulp or skin. Otherwise, I think there are other better options that squeeze more out of your green leaves or fruits… see my recent findings on VITAMIX E310 below.

On the positive side most parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe (top shelf only). Also, the juice jug has a pretty big capacity.

It runs on 850 watts and has two speeds, 13,000RPM or 6,500RPM, for hard and soft ingredients.

On the negative side: if juicing herbs or leafy greens only, the juice quantity is less due to the nature of centrifugal juicing. It is advised to juice them in combination with other fruits or vegetables… as you know, all fruit and vegetables produce different amount of liquids.

I would also NOT recommend adding nuts or seeds in your recipes.

NutriBullet- The perfect NutriBlast

This is an upgraded device that gets you the most out of your food by the so called cyclonic action.

I, personally like it very much. It is a very good nutrient extractor, blender and mixer in the same time.

On a positive side:

Has a powerful 900-watt motor, quick and simple to use and clean. You can use it for nuts and seeds. Amazing for frozen fruits or veggies, too.

In the tall cup you put your greens, add your fruit or veggies then add liquid up to the max line. Optionally you can add your favorite seeds and nuts; even ice. Twist on the blade… Blend and enjoy!

On the negative side: It is not to be used as an ice crusher. Always need the use of a liquid because of the cyclonic action of the NutriBullet system. Blades not to be put in dishwasher.

Oster- My Blend Personal Blender

Now, this

is my absolute-favorite, day-to-day blender. It is more than a year that I use it every day for my breakfast smoothie or shake.

I even use it for cold soups. It is cheap, easy to use and clean.

As a positive:

One Touch Blending, powerful 250 watt motor- that works for ice crushing as well.

It has a dishwasher safe 20 oz BPA-Free plastic Sport Bottle that you can carry with you on the go.

Just fill, blend and go.

This is so good, I cannot find any negative side- besides the fact that comes with a plastic bottle ( BPA- free though)

Vitamix E310- for the best Nutrition

As I told you earlier, I was looking for a really good, high quality, easy to maneuver blender.

… and I found
the Vitamix E310- professional blender. This is a professional, high quality
blender, easier to handle or clean and foremost: there is no waste or
leftover. You can find all the info on Amazon – look for product description.

From frozen treats to hot soups this blender does it all, even mixes batters and dough if you need.

If you think it is too expensive for your budget, look for a certified refurbished one – which is a lot cheaper.

My dear friends, I think you and your health deserves a bit of investment. You and your loved ones will thank you.

In the meantime : Stay healthy and be happy!



I think I ll need more information to buy Vitamix E310 . I want to start a healthy diet as I am in my 20s.Please email me more info.

Mar 06.2019 | 08:15 pm


Breville makes a lot of good products and that would be my first choice but I also like the convenience of the my blend personal blender. Good choices here =)

Mar 06.2019 | 09:07 pm

Raymond Rogers

Hi. My brother has been juicing for years, and he swears by it. He has lost weight, reduced the frequency of his migraine headaches, and he feels stronger. I will pass along this post to him. Thank you.

Mar 06.2019 | 10:06 pm

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