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Nobel prize for Autophagy

Autophagy ( literally self-eating)- if you never heard that word- it is absolutely normal. But a recent, 2016 Nobel prize in medicine went to Dr.Yoshinori Ohsumi for exactly this topic.

The body has a way of cleaning out debris and keep out the junk inside of our cells. Brain biopsies tells the story the best. Accumulated plaques, rusty leftover cell parts hanging out in your brain. As it build up over the years it becomes a predictor for diseases like Alzheimer, dementia, memory loss, even cancer.

If we want those plaques (junk) go away- we’ll need autophagy to work the way it was designed. That is the cellular process that says: hey, this cell is not working well, let’s clean it up, see if we can make it function better.

Compared to apoptosis (programmed cell death) in which the damaged cells are shrinking and after breaking into several smaller pieces they are removed from the body- in the autophagy process the debris in the different parts of that cell, all the junk build up over the years are cleaned up to recycle that nourishment for the rest of the body. Your body will recycle those cells and uses them for nourishment. An example: the left-over flabby skin after a weight loss is used for nourishment when your autophagy system is active. Likewise, to undue a chronic inflammation in your body you’ll need an active, not disrupted autophagy machinery.

We can induce autophagy by fasting. Fasting sets up a chemistry-set that allows the body to find resources throughout the system. Thus, by activating the process of autophagy we can fight many brain disorders, even cancer.

Water-fasting tips

First of all, use good quality water!

By far, the toughest part is going through the whole thing. But it’s actually a learning and growth experience for you. Mentally, spiritually and physically. It is like the mind, body and soul coming together. And you can actually feel it. Become who we are supposed to be. G-d want us to understand and appreciate it.

The longest fast I did was 3 days water-only. As per research results, after just three days, the body start healing at a cellular level. I wrongfully thought that stem cells have to be of embryonic origin. It turns out there are abundant in our adult bodies as well. US researchers are working on implementing stem cell therapies in the battle with cancer. I highly believe the future will be dominated by unique targeted therapies for every cancer case.

As I mentioned, my longest fasting was a 3 days water only. The first day was the most difficult, I felt some dizziness and headache. During fasting, you need to have a calm environment, without stress. You might want to take a nap, drink plenty of water and listen to your body and soul. Try to connect with your Creator and meditate. After passing the critical moment, the second day I felt much better, no headache, no pain whatsoever, just a great sense of accomplishment. Amazingly, I felt more energy. The third day I felt hope and happiness. I am telling you: I am a big walking and grateful experience. Try it for yourself, you will like it too.

Rule of thumb, my dear friend! A quarter of the time you fast, you break the fast. Example: if 12 days of fast, you break it after 3 days. Be careful while breaking the fast. Eat watermelon and fresh fruit juice the first day, fruits are great source of nutrients, enzymes and fiber. Then transition to green juices. After 3 days you can have solids.

You might want to continue the fasting until your condition goes away. Everybody is different. You can have a week, a few days or a month, or whatever time you need between fasting-days.

There is so much research out there… Per Dr. Group, if you want to really get into stem cell regeneration, it’s going to be six days on. So, if you are already at that point, by day 6 most likely your energy levels are super high and you are not hungry again.

Best fasting strategies – intermittent fasting

When I got the devastating news about my cancer, almost immediately I changed my diet.

Today I am certain that the Keto diet had an important positive effect on my health. I also, started intermittent fasting… meaning, from 7-8 pm I had no food, only water until the next day 10 am. This helps the body adapt to keto and use the nutrients not only for digestion but for energy too. Improves metabolic flexibility, regular consistent bowel movements, no side effects. I found it very beneficial for the brain, helps to get healthy blood sugar levels, enhances fat burning. You can start with 12:12, meaning 12 hrs fasting followed by 12 hrs eating. Slowly can increase the fasting period up to 24hrs- that is the one-day fast. You should do it a few times a month.

Consider the water fasting strategy

We need to eat to survive but eating create toxins and this is a burden for our body.

Fasting is the most amazing medicine. But you need to train your body.

Start with intermittent fasting. Then try to move toward one day fasting per week.

Listen to your body. We are all different and can have different reactions.

My dear friend, I strongly suggest, start cleansing yourself with intermittent fasting.

Moreover, I would suggest fasting the day before, during and if you tolerate, the day after chemo, radiation or any other test. This will help eliminate the toxins efficiently and in no time.

Be healthy and happy,

Modah Ani


Todd P Matthews

I’ve done a version of IF for years, which basically consists of 5 hours of overeating (1,500-2,000 calories) plus 19 hours of undereating, where I’ll take in about 500-600 calories. It’s worked well for me and like you, I feel immense energy levels. I wouldn’t mind working toward a true IF and go from there. As for a 3-day fast, I commend you, but I’d definitely have to work up to that. I do workout twice a day, everyday, so would it be safe to try this on a 3-day fast or should I stick to IF?

Mar 06.2019 | 04:56 pm

    Modah Ani

    To be honest, from I have learned so far my opinion is that you should try slowly, one day/week, for a while… see how is going.
    If you are okay, go further. It worth it. Good luck!

    Mar 06.2019 | 05:06 pm

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