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Welcome to my personal ”How to Fight Cancer” journey. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose, treat or give medical advice. I just share with you my experience, from the “been there, done that” perspective.
I have personally tried and tested every natural remedy I am talking about and I will never share just any hear-say.


It has been two years now since I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic (to the brain and lymph nodes, with a small spot on one of lungs too) melanoma. The words came out so fast I didn’t know what hit me. I remember as it was yesterday, my oncologist saying these words still avoiding eye contact with us: incurable, five to six months life expectancy. My husband and my son were devastated, speechless on the way back home. It was me who encouraged them. It just cannot be so bad…
Until recently, there have been essentially three major forms of treatment for cancer, no matter the type: chemo… radiation… and surgery. Speaking of me, I just underwent brain surgery and radiation… All I knew, didn’t want to do chemo no more… Let’s face it, there are many types of cancer for which these treatments are worthless or very toxic, deadly even. Thru my research I learned about a person who had metastatic brain tumor and died not because of cancer but brain damage caused by radiation.

That is how I started looking for alternative cancer cures… Unfortunately, all the alternative clinics that would treat my type of cancer were so expensive we could not afford any. After much praying and meditations of my heart, not seeing any other option finally I agreed to undergo treatment. But I knew, G-d was there with me, holding my hands the whole journey. He was there through my helpers as well….and I am so grateful for them… Indeed, besides my family and loved ones, He blessed us with the best neurosurgeon, who did an amazing job during both of my brain surgeries. Also, my oncologist, he is an outstanding doctor and researcher, very driven, professional, attentive, who cares very much for his patients’ well-being. He proposed me to be part of a clinical trial for immunotherapy. To agree with that yet was another big test…looking to the endless list of life threatening side effects of this treatment I’m shivering even today.

While struggling with the side effects: extreme fatigue, nausea, brain fog, autoimmune disease, fever, almost liver failure, diarrhea, skin rash, vomiting… you name it… I had it all; I couldn’t help thinking to myself: There has to be a better way to treat cancer or to boost your immune system.

Between treatments, I embarked on a full-time research effort: How to stay alive. I have read every book or clinical study that I could get hands on about how to fight cancer. And then it hit me. We treat the symptoms instead of searching for the cause, the root of the illness. Like, who would treat the fever instead of looking into the infection that caused the fever, right? By the way, I just very recently learned that it is scientifically proven that a fever — whether caused by an illness or artificially induced — has a devastating effect on cancer. Also, we’re approaching the cancer-issue from the wrong angle. Instead of pumping synthetic substances in your body that can harm your ”still healthy” organs we should do no harm but nurture and sustain what is still untouched by the devastating disease.

Thus, I changed my diet, started to detoxify my body and completely cut out the sugar. Quickly I realized “immunotherapy” would work better without the deadly side effects… so, I’ve put all my effort to start to tune up my immune system naturally. From dietary habits, skin care, my whole lifestyle, to drugs and meditation I have changed everything.


You probably read this page because you are going thru hard times yourself. I’m here to tell you that there is something You can do about it. Don’t be afraid. This is not the end. There is always hope. You can fight the disease or better, you can prevent it! But you need to look it from the right angle.

As weird as it seems but cancer saved my life. Yes, it was a blessing in disguise  for which I will be  grateful for eternity, praising The Compassionate One  every day of my life.

During my endless nights, struggling with insomnia, studying the Bible, learning Biblical Hebrew, praying and meditating on the big question WHY?… I came to acknowledge the One and Only God, the Creator of the World,  and that His glory fills the whole universe!

I understood He is One, and there is No other, to compare or join Him. He was, He is , and He shall be in glory! Without beginning, without end and to Him belong dominion and power.

Now I proclaim with absolute certainty:  the Master of All is my God. He is my living God, to Him I flee in time of grief, and He is my miracle and my refuge, who answers the day I shall call.

“I shall not die! But I shall live and relate the deeds of G-d” the psalmist said…

I think G-d spared my life so far to make His acts known among the peoples, to sing praises to Him and speak of all His wonders; to share my life-saving experience and help other people heal, both spiritually and physically. I do really hope that I can make a difference and my  honest feedback can help someone else choose the Godly solution to heal their soul and body. I would like to  be among those who always benefit people and influence them in a positive way.

I’m here to open your eyes, make you see that there is hope, and you are not alone. Speaking from my personal experience and a lot of research and reading I can tell you that Cancer can be easily prevented. Also, the quality of life of oncological patients can be drastically improved and even cured.

I have personally refused to resign myself to the passivity of hopelessness, by putting in practice all the approaches described here. By writing about this I have not sought to impose my recommendations but to share what I learned from scientific and spiritual literature  and my experience to help you  improve your health and enjoy your life again…  Oh, how easier and less painful would have been everything if somebody had given me this knowledge at the beginning of my journey.


At the end, I must confess I’m concerned about the reactions of you guys. We have all learned that nothing is more painful that being betrayed by ill-considered promises. There is also a danger that some of you will naively think that thanks to natural approaches, you can continue smoking, neglect screening or refuse treatments, which is completely wrong. On the other hand there is a certain hopelessness among cancer patients but I consider it false hopelessness since scientific evidence and personal experience shows clearly that we can have a substantial impact on our body’s capacity to fight the cancer or any other disease, for that matter.

My dear friends, if you ever need advice or just have any questions, I am here. Feel free to leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Sincerely and to the best of my abilities.

My motto can be yours too: ”Hope to the Lord, strengthen yourself and He will give you courage and hope to the Lord!”… that you may not  forget:

The rest of your life  Starts Right NOW!

Modah Ani


Timothy Scales

Great looking site!! Looking to see your site grow. Keep up the great work!

Apr 18.2018 | 07:19 pm


    Thank you Timothy!
    Your encouraging words are giving me hope.Greatly appreciated.
    Wishing you the best of luck!

    Apr 18.2018 | 09:45 pm


Thank you for sharing your journey with us, what a wonderful gift and beautiful soul you are. I am so glad you have been given the chance to share all that you have found, and I most certainly appreciate it. I lost my Mother to Cancer and do believe that knowing what we are putting in are body is essential. She was given heavy medication for years but like you her passing was a gift to me to find and know there are other ways to heal via diet and mental attitude. I hope you touch and help many people with what you are creating here. All the best Ali

May 17.2018 | 02:35 pm

    Modah Ani

    Hello Ali,
    Thank you for your kind words and I sincerely regret your loss.
    In my humble opinion, first we need to heal our souls and then G-d will help us heal the body as well.
    To stay healthy we should eliminate all toxic exposure, stay away from stress and have a healthy nutrition.
    I wish you all the best,
    Stay healthy and happy!
    Modah Ani

    May 17.2018 | 05:47 pm

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