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Cancer-fighting tea for women

Green tea is often seen as the ultimate health-boosting tea. But this time, it’s taking a back seat… Because a new study finds another type of tea having the power to SLASH your risk

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by Modah Ani | 4:46 pm

Mushroom Coffee

I was always a coffee lover. Since my diagnose though, I realized there are studies showing that burnt coffee can be carcinogenic. But coffee companies argue that although coffee does contain a possible carcinogen—

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Beyond Chemo Updates

I have some newly received and noteworthy info that I want to share with you, guys. I would like to inform you about important events happening right now that can change your view about

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Affiliate Disclosure

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released their new rules for Disclosure Compliance. These rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, Youtube videos, etc.) know if

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Prayer, the Divine Medicine

I have to warn you, the following content is not for you if you consider yourself one of those, so called “tough guys” who thinks: I am always right and successful in everything, nothing

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by Modah Ani | 1:43 am

Autophagy and fasting tips

Nobel prize for Autophagy Autophagy ( literally self-eating)- if you never heard that word- it is absolutely normal. But a recent, 2016 Nobel prize in medicine went to Dr.Yoshinori Ohsumi for exactly this topic.

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The golden spice of life

Food as medicine I must refer to Thomas Edison when he was saying: ” The doctor of future… will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”. Unfortunately, today we are only at phase SHOULD ,

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Juicer Review

Nutrition is by far the most powerful way to stay healthy and strong. It is also a critical aspect of disease fighting and cancer prevention too. In that aspect, I think Vitamix E310 is

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Fasting- Religion or Science?

Our Creator is so wonderful! Sometimes I just stay in awe realizing how much He  loves us. Dr. Group affirms that just one meal per day can take away 70-80% of the energy necessary

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The power of detox

Detoxification means more than eliminating toxins and should be a lifelong process. We should consider it in many levels: body, mind and soul. We have toxic waste in our body and we hold to

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