by Modah Ani | 8:05 pm

Fasting- Religion or Science?

Our Creator is so wonderful! Sometimes I just stay in awe realizing how much He loves us. It took me quite a while to understand that there is a self-healing mechanism within us. But

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by Modah Ani | 6:16 pm

The power of detox

Detoxification means more than eliminating toxins and should be a lifelong process. We should consider it in many levels: body, mind and soul. We have toxic waste in our body and we hold to

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by Modah Ani | 3:14 pm

Organic Food and Pesticides

Pesticides are used to control organisms that are considered to be harmful. There are certain benefits to it: for example killing mosquitoes that can spread disease. On one hand, pesticides can protect crops and

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by Modah Ani | 12:13 am

Sugar and cancer patients

Since my battle with cancer, I often ask myself: Can lifestyle choices increase your risk of developing cancer? My definite answer is YES. At the top of the list is your DIET. Because your

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by Modah Ani | 3:47 pm

My secret weapon #1 to fight cancer

This is not about a Mexican or European wonder-clinic that saved my life or where I healed my cancer. And I am not an “X” years cancer survivor. Not yet, anyway… Maybe one day

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by Modah Ani | 4:33 pm

About me

  Welcome to my personal How to Fight Cancer journey. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose, treat or give medical advice. I just share with you my experience, from the “been

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